Unlike pastors in the local church, chaplains perform the same duties but often while deployed away from their own families. They unselfishly look for opportunities to connect Christ in everyday situations. Chaplains offer indispensable support to military families as they face inordinate stress and pressure. Chaplain Kevin Trimble, not unlike other incredible men and women who serve our country, goes where orders send, and pastors not just the troops but their families as well. Chaplain Trimble has led a Bible study using D6 Curriculum right after soldiers qualified on the gunnery range. Your support allows us to provide D6 EveryDay curriculum at no cost, even for shipping, to military chaplains of all branches of service.


It takes a special ministry leader to accept the call to plant a new church. In addition to normal pastoral duties, church-planters deal with locating places to meet, recruiting volunteers from a unique pool of people, and maybe most difficult—raise funding. For nearly two decades, Randall House and D6 makes one area easier for church-planters: with your support, no church-planter will pay for their discipleship approach for the first two years of small group, Sunday School, or LifeGroup curriculum. With your continued support, church planters receive a half-off discount after the first two years. Together, we can give our talented church-planters winning discipleship lessons for church and at-home study guides with family alignment for all ages for everyday development. You can’t build a strong church without strong curriculum. Your generosity provides little girls, boys, teenagers, and adults with devotional material for each day and teaching resources for each class. Maybe your class will sponsor another class at a cost of $3 per person a month.

Teacher Resources

We have all had at least one teacher who stands out as influential in our lives. Maybe yours was your Sunday School teacher when you were in second grade and learning the books of the Bible in order. Maybe you currently have a teacher who inspires you to think longer and dig deeper in Scripture than you ever have before. Good teachers can make a huge impact on the lives of students—sometimes even years later. Randall House and D6 is dedicated to providing strong biblical resources to train and empower teachers of all ages to be the best they can be. Your gift to is a great way to honor teachers in your life and help ensure that future generations of teachers have a toolbox full of resources to inspire and encourage them as they lead.

D6 Curriculum Translation

Randall House and D6 views global family ministry and discipleship resources as part of our mission. As God blesses our ministry through supporters and users, we gladly forward that culture of generosity to others in need with no expectation in return. Our team works with a fellow believers in regular and closed-access countries to provide curriculum for all requested ages.

One example is Han who leads a team of translators who asked for D6 EveryDay curriculum items to be used in their closed-access country. Your support for closed-access Asian countries helps Randall House and D6 provide at-home devotional materials for moms, dads, kids, and grandchildren, which is translated to various languages with appropriate cultural applications. This is global family ministry and generational discipleship.

Resource Benevolence

We’ve all received help at a time when it was most needed. There are times when churches, like individuals or families, need a little help. When one of our churches suffers the loss of Randall House books or curriculum through fire, flood, or other catastrophes Randall House and D6 will replace the lost resources at no cost.

There are also times when a church may experience a financial hardship and cannot afford the discipleship resources they need. In such cases the church can contact us and we develop a plan to continue providing the resources they need free of charge or at a reduced cost until the church can regain the ability to pay full price. Just as we’ve been blessed we want to be a blessing. Your donation enables us to help churches in the moments when they are hurting the most.

Free Educational Books and Resources

How do you get someone past a closely held belief that is not consistent with Scripture? It takes a trusted leader and time to teach the truth in a non-threatening environment.

Your donation helps produce and distribute free resources, including books and videos that can be used to teach foundational truths, such as, how God’s Word has been inspired and preserved for us to hold in our hands and other issues related to culture and biblical worldview.

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