At-Home Bundles

Family provides the most powerful incubator to instill values. We all want our children to grow up and model strong character, compassion, competency for life, and commitment to God and His word. Every parent, and grandparent, has grand ideas and great intentions for their family. But many families don’t know where to begin and are intimidated by the responsibility.

At Randall House and D6 we have developed resources to help families connect with each other and to God. When your church purchases D6 EveryDay At-Home Bundles for families you give them the resources they need to successfully lead their families to become what God wants them to be. You’re making a difference in the families of your church, which makes a difference in your church. Investing in families builds a better future for everyone.

Grandparenting Resources

Whether their names are inscribed on a branch of the family tree or they claim a branch as an extension of God’s family, grandparents have unique opportunities to inspire and encourage the kids and adults in their lives. Randall House and D6 is committed to encouraging grandparents to play a significant role in their family’s spiritual growth. Your gift to Randall House helps provide grandparents with resources like devotional magazines, news about culture and trends, and even Bible storybooks to read aloud.

SPLINK, Parent Pages, and Teen Feed

SPLINK ideas for families reaches over 10,000 households every week. This free, weekly resource provides three biblical conversation starters and activity ideas intended to help families connect spiritually and grow together. Your gift to Randall House helps ensure the creation and distribution of this valuable tool, and even makes it possible for SPLINK ideas to be translated into other languages for families around the world.

In addition, many families benefit from our free at-home resources like “Parent Pages” and “Teen Feed.” When you purchase D6 Everyday curriculum you enable Randall House and D6 to continue providing these valuable resources to families free of charge. Your support helps equip families to teach and train their families about God and His Word.

Devotional Magazines

Randall House and D6 is committed to providing discipleship resources of the highest quality. The core feature of our curriculum is the at-home emphasis, supported by our devotional magazines. Every member of the family can have an age-appropriate devotional resource that focuses everyone in the home on the same theme each week. Every dollar invested in D6 curriculum helps continue the production of, not only quality teaching resources, but also these important at-home resources. Your support helps us continue to educate churches and individuals of the need for discipleship at home. When you purchase D6 curriculum you are partnering with thousands of other churches and individuals who care about discipleship. Together we can make a difference.

D6 Family App

In 2019, Randall House and D6 created the D6 Family App. Scripture teaches that parents are the primary disciple-makers of their children. Updated weekly, this app delivers resources designed to equip individuals for generational discipleship.

The D6 Family App is packed full of resources that equip parents and church leaders to have spiritual conversations with their families. Having the app makes it easier to maximize the potential for discipleship in the church and home. Your donation allows Randall House and D6 to continue resourcing the church and home using modern technology.

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